Resource Scheduler is a complete web based room and resource scheduling package designed for business. It allows you to easily view and reserve the conference room, company car or staff you want.

We’ve listed just a few of the many features in Resource Scheduler below. By clicking on the links in each section you will be taken to a live version of Resource Scheduler running on the web so that you can see Resource Scheduler in action. At any point during your session, feel free to reserve a resource or click on links to see more detail. We only ask that you use appropriate language when making reservations, as many visitors use this site on a daily basis.
Step 1.Logging In
Step 2.Learning the basics
Step 3.Topics of Special Interest
 Schedule Views
 Reservation Techniques
 PIM Integration

Step 1. Logging In

At the LOGIN screen enter your Email address, and any password you wish. If this is your first time running the application, click on the ADD button to create a login account for yourself. You will not need to log in on subsequent visits if your browser allows for "cookies".

This is one of the many ways in which you can configure Resource Scheduler to eliminate the hassle of maintaining user accounts. In environments that require a higher level of security, this feature can be disabled and an administrator can maintain user accounts. Note this security should not be confused with security on reservation or resources, which is discussed later.

My InformationMy Information Once added, you will be taken to a personal profile page where you can enter your name, and other preferences. After updating your profile (use the submit button on the bottom of the page), a good place to start is by visiting the home page.

Click to proceed to the beta site. On the beta site, this same document can be found by following the getting started link from the home page.

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Step 2. Learning the basics

Sample Menu
Navigation Menu
Individual resources are collected into groups, and multiple groups form a location. This structure is used in the navigation menu tree located on the left side of all screens. Click on the + or – symbols to expand or collapse a portion of the menu. Clicking on a location, group or resource name will bring up the default view for that item. As you can see a location can be a physical place, like Chicago, or just a collection of common items, such as Test Equipment. You decide what makes the most sense for your company, and enter this structure during setup.

For this beta, we have set up all of the resources already. The full version of the product allows you to create unlimited locations, groups and resources.

Schedule Calendar
A calendar is located on the upper right side of the screen to allow quick and easy navigation to a specific day or week. To move to a specific date, simply click on the month and day you are interested in. To change years, use the arrows located on top of the calendar, next to the year display.
Sample Calendar

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Step 3. Topics of Special Interest


Resource Maintenance This is the Resource Maintenance screen where you create or maintain resources. At the group level, you can specify fields (characteristics) that resources in the group might have, and at each resource you can identify that characteristic (i.e. Lan Connection, White Board, Built-in projector or whatever your define). Also a resource can be secured so only people with the password can reserve it. For the on-line beta, no administration features are available, but the Administration module is bundled in with the full product at no additional charge.

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Schedule Views

Selecting a calendar view
A day, week, or month view can be selected for any resource or group of resources. To move between the different views, use the tab located on top of the schedule:
Sample View Selection

The current view is always highlighted in yellow. To change from the week view, click on either the day or the month text. By clicking on the arrows in the current view, you can move forward and backward one day, week or month at a time.

Sample Location
Location View
For every location you define in Resource Scheduler, a quick view of all the groups and resources is generated. Handy information about the location is displayed in this view, such as current weather conditions. Details, such as directions to the office, can be reached from this page as well.
Sample Group
Group View
Group views are great for seeing which resources are still available, in case you have a preference. Groups can be displayed in day, week and month format. This is the view you will turn to when trying to find an open conference room or company car.
Sample Resource
Resource View
When you know the room, person or piece of equipment you want, and can be flexible with the date and time, go to the resource view. With day, week and month views, finding an opening has never been easier!
Day View - Group
Print View
All views have a printer friendly version which is ideal for posting outside resources like conference rooms.

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Reservation Techniques

Quick Reserve
In every group and resource view within Resource Scheduler, a quick reserve feature is available. With this feature any resource can be reserved with a few simple clicks. If you need more detail, click the "More" button and you can request special services, repeat reservations and even schedule additional resources.
Sample Reservation

My Favorites & My Reservations
Are there certain rooms or items that you use more often than others? Add them to your favorites (the link to add to favorites can be found at the bottom of the schedule view for any resource). When you first log in, you’ll be able to see if they are available as well as any recent reservations you have made. Your favorites and recent reservations also appear on every screen in the menu.
Sample Home

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Sample Assignments
My Assignments
Make sure the equipment is setup for the demo and lunch has been ordered by using the notification techniques available in Resource Scheduler. By assigning an administrator to a resource, you can track any assignments for a resource. Email notification can also be used as part of the approval process.

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Logos & Hyperlinks
If you want Resource Scheduler to blend in with your existing Intranet, you are able to customize it with your own company name and logo (for example, at the top of the navigation tree). As well, every page in Resource Scheduler has a footer section in which you can put links to your Intranet or any other HTML code.
Sample Logos

See what it is that your checking out by attaching images to your resources. From dump trucks to conference rooms, a picture is still worth a thousand words.
Sample Multimedia

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PIM Integration

vCalendar Resource Scheduler integrates with industry standards, instead of requiring additional proprietary patches. Click the calendar icon to add a reservation to your vCal compliant PIM (such as Outlook). Outlook users can use Outlook help and look up the vCalendar topic for more information on this technique. NOTE: If your PIM does not initiate a dialog when clicking on the link, but rather the browser simply shows some text, your PIM has not been configured to support the vCalendar standard. Consult your PIM documentation regarding vCalendar integration.

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All locations, groups and resources in Resource Scheduler may be set with password protection. Note: This has not been done on the demo site for ease of use. If you elect to set a password on a reservation, only those with the password will be able to edit or delete that reservation. The password-protected reservation will be visible in all of the day/week/month views, but if you attempt to view the details of the reservation, you will be prompted for a password.

This is the same mechanism utilized on a location, group of resources, or an individual resource. When trying to create, edit or delete a reservation on a protected location, group or resource, you will be prompted to enter the password for the “lowest level” of security present. For example, if a password is set at the group and individual resource level, then the user would be prompted to enter the password for the individual resource, not the group level password. In this fashion you can completely customize the security levels for reservations and resources.

Security Note: When a user successfully enters a password for a location, group, resource or reservation, that password is stored in a cookie on the user’s PC. The next time the user tries to access that same location, group, resource or reservation, the cookie is used to enter the password. This saves time for the user, in that they don’t have to continually re-enter passwords for a resource they may have been assigned to manage. For security purposes, this feature can be disabled in the user options, so that no cookies are used and password entry will be required for every action.

Another trick to save time with passwords can be found when you set your user login password to be the same as a location, group or resource password. Resource Scheduler will check your user password against the location, group or resource password and if they are the same, you can create or update reservations automatically. This reduces setup time for those companies in which specific individuals are assigned responsibility for groups of resources.

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